Roof cleaning is a necessity, not a luxury, in The Woodlands and Spring, Texas, area. The popular misconception is that you clean your roof because you want it to look good. Appearance is only one of the reasons a roof must be regularly cleaned, and it’s not the most important reason. These are the primary reasons to clean your roof:

· Health

· Roof Life

· Home Value

· Energy Costs

Do you know why algae, mold, moss, lichen, and fungi like your roof? The reason is simple. For these hungry critters, your dirty roof is “fine dining.” You know that little patch of crabgrass, those 3 dandelions, or that patch of clover in your yard?… What happens if you ignore them for a few years? Right! They take over your entire yard and kill the grass.

A similar process occurs on your asphalt shingle or tile roof. Asphalt is decayed organic matter, otherwise known as “food” for those hungry organisms. On tile roofs, dirt accumulation serves up the needed nutrients. On shingle roofs, these critters eat the asphalt which results in loose granules. The loose granules fall or are blown off the roof. This exposes asphalt to the UV rays of the sun which destroys the asphalt and results in cracks. Cracks eventually go all the way through the shingle resulting in water leaks into your home.

If that is not bad enough, on both shingle and tile roofs algae darken the roof causing it to absorb more solar energy and, therefore, be hotter than it normally would be. Heat accelerates aging and places additional heat loads on the inside of the building so your air conditioner runs longer than it should.

Have you priced a new roof lately in the Spring, Texas, area?

Do not replace your Woodlands roof before it’s time.

Get all the life the manufacturer put into your roofing material with regular Woodlands roof cleaning.


“Out of sight, out of mind.”

That is how most people think of their rain gutters in The Woodlands and Spring area. You don’t see the insides of your gutters, so you don’t know they’re clogged with debris. If gutter cleaning isn’t done on a regular basis, water can back up in the gutter during even light rain. The water can overflow the top of the gutter and push or wick its way up under your roofing, destroying your roof, and eaves.

Gutter overflow water can also damage the exterior of your home or leave unsightly stains. Just because you can’t see a small forest of saplings or patch of weeds growing out of your gutters, doesn’t mean the gutters are clean. And if you do see a small forest of saplings or patch of weeds sprouting from your gutters…call us NOW!