As any Texas homeowner knows, keeping your property in top condition requires a lot of work. Part of that maintenance is making sure the exterior of your home—including your siding, deck, and driveway—is free of dirt, debris, and other build-ups. Pressure washing is an effective method to clean these areas and extend their life. But pressure washing is not a do-it-yourself job. It requires special equipment and training to do it right. Hence, an expert pressure washing service in Spring TX, will help.

Here are some areas of your home that must be pressure washed regularly.


Your siding is one of the things people notice about your home, so you want to ensure it always looks its best. Over time, dirt, pollen, and other airborne debris can accumulate on your siding, making it look dull and faded. Pressure washing will remove this build-up and restore your siding to its original luster.

Experts use special cleaners and techniques when pressure washing siding to avoid damaging it. They also know how to adjust the water pressure to avoid stripping away paint or causing other damage.


If you have a deck, you know how much fun it can be for entertaining guests or relaxing with family. But if your deck is covered in dirt, mildew, or mold, then it will not be very inviting. Pressure washing will clean your wooden deck, concrete patio, pea gravel patio, and pool decks, including “cool” sprayed decks and flagstone.


Your driveway takes a lot of abuse—from the hot sun to the winter rains. Over time, water and heat turn your driveway gray or even black. This is mold. Professional washing, and treating your concrete with a mildewcide, kills the roots of the mold so that it doesn’t need to be washed as often.


Roofs are one of the essential parts of your home and keeping them clean is crucial to maintaining longevity. Safely washing, and treating your roof is one of the best ways to ensure it stays in good condition for years. Not only will it remove dirt, grime, debris, and mold, that can accumulate on your roof over time, but it will also help slow down any future build-up.


If you notice your windows are starting to look a bit dingy, it might be time to consider having them washed. While washing your home safely with a pressure washer, does clean the caulking around the windows, and gets most of the dirt, debris, and pollen off them, only a hand washed window cleaning will get them streak-free and sparkling. Over time, dirt, pollen, and other debris will build up on your windows, making them look dull and lowering curb appeal. Window cleaning service in Woodlands, TX, can quickly and easily hand clean your windows inside and out, leaving your windows beautiful.


A pressure washer is a tool that should only be operated by a trained professional. The Woodlands Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing Company has the experience and expertise to pressure wash any area of your home quickly and affordably. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate!