When it comes to window cleaning, it might be seen by just wiping them often; you are good to go. But hygiene is more than that towel, soap, and water. Sometimes, you need the assistance of the professional window cleaning company around you, which is where we come into play. We are the woodlands window cleaning company that will keep your windows clean and attractive, and get rid of that inner dirt and grime that accumulate over time.

Woodlands – Services offered

As a homeowner, you need to make your property shine all year round, and to do so, below are five essential services our window cleaning company provides. 

  • Window screen cleaning
  • Interior cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Remove hard water
  • Glassdoor cleaning

Window Screen Cleaning

Many people mistake focusing solely on cleaning the glass and forgetting to clean the screens. Our professional service provides window screen, track, and glass pane cleaning. Wiping your window screen clean is important to keep it efficient and durable and protects it from mold. So ensure to clean your ledges and screens at all times to extend the life of your window. 

Interior cleaning 

For homeowners and even business owners, interior cleaning should also be your focus. Although, you can spray them and wipe them down to look clean and fine. This solution is not enough to clean your window. Our Woodlands company uses good products and techniques to wipe your window and make it look perfect and stain-free. 

Exterior cleaning

Like how crucial it is to clean the interior part of your windows, it’s also important not to forget the exterior. And among the benefits of hiring a professional window cleaning service is that they can access the difficult areas you cannot clean by yourself and boost the appeal of your windows, removing the dirt, dust, and contaminants. We are a skilled company that makes sure to give your window the best and deepest clean. 

Remove hard water 

You might think your window looks clean despite the hard water spots on it. But this becomes better when you hire professional window cleaners like Woodlands. They can eliminate stains and make your window look better without leaving any marks or stains. 

Glassdoor cleaning
Most companies that offer window cleaning also clean glass since they are also windows with big glass. Our company, Woodlands will thoroughly clean your glass and eliminate any dirt or mold that normally grows around it.