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Do I have to make an appointment for an estimate?

No, in fact most of our customers are at work when we come out to estimate.  Just call us with your name, address, and phone number. I can walk around the house and do the entire estimate from the outside.  If you’re not home, I’ll call you later with the free estimate!

What does the window cleaning include?

Our standard residential window cleaning service includes: thoroughly cleaning the windows inside and outside, as well as cleaning the screens, outside tracks, and inside ledges.  When you get your bid for your custom window cleaning, don’t forget that we can do your ceiling fans, mirrors, and change your hard to reach light bulbs too! Sometimes for no extra charge!

Can you clean just the outside windows?

Yes, you may request us to clean the outside only, or add just a few high windows inside. 

Does the quote for washing my house include the garage? 

Yes it does, even if it is detached, also an attached screened in porch, but it does not include the driveway, decks, or patio, you  will need a separate estimate for that.

Is the pressure washing hard on the brick?

It would be if we used pressure, that’s why we adjust our machine to use a soft spray, and use a mildicide.  The soft wash with mildicide technique is safe, and very effective at removing the mold, dirt, cobwebs, and spiders from brick, siding, stucco and stone.  Our equipment has the ability to spray as hard or as soft as we need it to. One size does not fit all!  We also cover plants, and move any items, as needed.

How late do you work?

Late! Till almost dark!  We realize some of our customers have hectic schedules, so we work around that.  We can come late, or do the outside first, and finish the inside when you get home.  If it’s only outside work you're having done, you don’t even have to be there.  We will leave a bill and pick up the check the next day!